parent-child-accounts In our Online Testing System we have made it very easy to create many sub accounts, all contained within one parent account.

We recommend a tiered structure if your organization has more than one location or group. Each facility would be created as a “subaccount” of the top-tier account. This is useful to separate the test takers such that each only sees the test takers that are relevant.

Each “subaccount” is autonomous, meaning each account has its own pool of credits, test takers, administrators, and results. Corporate-level administrators would be created in the top-tier account, and they would be able to select any of their subaccounts to help administer and/or view results.

This structure handles billing for per-person fees either of two ways: distributed, where each location orders and is billed separately for each test administration, or unified, where the top tier account orders all of the tests in a block and then handles distributing credits to subaccounts.

Please see our page on subaccounts for more information on creating subaccounts.
In order to navigate your subaccounts, please see our FAQ: How do I access my subaccounts? page.