Administrators have the ability to create additional administrators and proctors to help simplify the testing process. Every administrator also has the ability to edit and remove administrators with the same or lower access level than themselves.

You have the ability to create as many new administrators and proctors in the system as you would like. Also on the “Manage Administrators” page, you can change an administrator’s role and user information. All of the administrative management functions are located on the “Manage Administrators” page.

Information about access levels can be found on our Access Rights page.

See also FAQ: Can I move an administrator to another account? for information on moving administrators from account to account.

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Administrators can be assigned varying levels of access within the Online Testing System. Administrators should only be granted the permissions he or she needs to manage. This article will explain the varying access levels for each account type.
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Retesting a candidate should be a company-wide policy. You should first check to see if your company has instituted such a policy.

If such a policy is not in place, we would recommend establishing a uniform policy. Policies can be time-based, action-based, or a combination. Time-based policies indicate that retesting is available after a certain period of time. For example, job knowledge tests may be broad and deep in content and would require many months of remediation. Alternatively, a month or two may suffice for a simpler test, such as basic arithmetic. Action-based policies indicate retesting is available after remedial actions, such as taking a course or further on-the-job training.

We recommend that clients use the policy which best fits their circumstances and aims.