Ramsay Corporation’s Reporting System contains “job profile” creation. This advanced feature allows examinees’ test scores to be compared to a desired “job profile”. Simply put, “job profiles” allow for a candidate’s performance to be compared to cutting or passing scores developed during validation or determined by individual organizations.

Ramsay Corporation usually establishes cutting scores by using a modified Angoff procedure as part of a test validation study. This requires a panel of job experts who go through a process of job analysis; generation of knowledge, skills and abilities; and Angoff procedure during which each test question is reviewed and rated by each job expert.

These cutting scores may be set for custom-made tests, off-the-shelf tests, or in some circumstances, pre-existing client-made tests. When a cutting score has been established for a test, it may be used to establish job profile qualification.

These job profiles can be created with the help of Ramsay Corporation. Included with a validation study is the creation of job profiles with suggested cut scores. Companies may also purchase the Enterprise subscription to set additional cut scores.

A job profile can be defined with a single cutting score on one assessment or a battery of tests with each component having its own cutting score. For example:

Maintest – A 90
Combined Basic Skills – Reading 8
Combined Basic Skills – Arithmetic 10
Combined Basic Skills – Inspection & Measurement 8
Combined Basic Skills – Process Monitoring 6
Mechanical Aptitude Test 24
Maintenance Mechanic A 75
Maintenance Mechanic B 75

Job profiles can also account for multiple skill levels allowing for examinees to be easily weighed against three different cutting scores for a single assessment. This can allow for classification of an applicant to a certain level of a job. Tests can have total score requirements or test sub-section requirements depending on these qualification scores.

Form letters for qualified and unqualified candidates can also be generated, streamlining the process of informing candidates.

The Detailed Qualification Summary Report will display whether or not each candidate is qualified or unqualified in each section of a test, as well as whether he or she was qualified overall.

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The Qualification Statistics Report gives you the sample size, number of examinees who met the qualification score, number of examinees who did not, and percent of examinees who met the qualification score.

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The Gap Analysis Report compares the average raw score per section on a test against the cut scores in the job profile. This report will show areas of relative weakness and strength in a group of candidates against a standard percentage. The Gap Analysis Report is especially useful for training/diagnostic purposes, providing vital feedback on the group performance in each area of knowledge.
Optionally, this report can be filtered by custom survey fields, providing reports that can compare performance of a group of candidates separated by factors of your choosing, such as comparing internal versus external candidates, candidates of varying experience levels, or any other factors.

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