The Email/Fax Log is a feature available for use with Email/Fax answer sheets. The log allows administrators to track the status of their Email/Fax submission and alerts administrators to any issues that may be preventing the answer sheets from being processed correctly.

How to use the Email/Fax Log

How to access the Email/Fax Log

Once an Email/Fax answer sheet has been submitted for the first time, the “View Email/Fax Log” tab will automatically become available in the Examinee Scoring System.

How to Identify Submission Failures

Each submission is tracked by the unique serial number on the answer sheet. If there is any issue with your submission, it will show up in bold text on the “Status” column of the table alongside identifying information like the serial number of the answer sheet and the test taker’s name.

*Note: If the account ID is unreadable on the submission’s cover sheet, the submission will not appear in the log.

What if there is an issue with my data after it successfully submits?

Once a submission is successfully processed by our system, a new log row will be created, marked with a status of “SUCCESS”. Successfully submitted results are immediately available in your account and can be accessed from the “View Test Entries” tab.

If there are any issues with your results after they are successfully submitted, each answer sheet can be deleted from the system a single time to allow for a re-submission. This can be done by clicking the delete button next to the desired test taker’s entry.

If you’ve previously deleted a result and need to delete it again, please take note of the serial number and email us at itgroup@ramsaycorp.com for support.

What is the Examinee Scoring System?

The Examinee Scoring System is used to score paper tests. Use of the Examinee Scoring System is complimentary with the purchase of our paper tests. If you are using email/fax answer sheets with your paper tests you will find the scoring results in the Examinee Scoring System.

  • An “Entry” denotes a test purchased through our ordering system.
  • Each entry is one administration of a test. If a person took more than one test, they will have one entry for each test they took.
  • You cannot delete an entry from the Examinee Scoring System.

How to use the Examinee Scoring System to View Results of Tests Scored by Email/Fax

The following is a primer on viewing test scores in the Examinee Scoring System. You will need your Ramsay Corporation login information. If you have forgotten your information, please use the “Forgot your password?” link at the bottom of the login screen.

Click here for a printable PDF version of this document.

Click here for a Visual Walk-Through

In order to properly grade tests via email/fax answer sheets, you must submit the correct Test ID on the email/fax cover sheet. Each test used on the Ramsay Corporation site has it’s own ID.

If you need to find the test ID for a test you would like to grade, please follow the directions below.

Please be sure to double check the test you are administering has the correct number of questions expected via the test ID lookup.

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In order to properly grade tests via email/fax answer sheets, you must submit the correct Account ID on the email/fax cover sheet. The Account ID allows our system to place the results in the correct account “folder” so that you can organize your results. Additional questions about setting up subaccounts can be found here.

If you need to look up your account ID for your own account or if you have subaccounts that you would like to submit emailed/faxed answer sheets to, you can look it up on the Ramsay Corporation website.

Please refer to the directions below to access your account information page.

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