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Consulting companies and test distributors may want to distribute Ramsay tests to their clients and still retain control over the testing process and reporting. Due to the hierarchical nature of accounts in the Online Testing System, acting as a distributor is simple.

This tutorial is a brief overview of the techniques used to become a distributor. Please call our office at 412-257-0732 for additional help on becoming a distributor.


In general, all that is required for you to become a distributor of tests is to set up clients as sub-accounts in your account. For more information on setting up sub-accounts, refer to the tutorial on managing sub-accounts.

Once the client sub-accounts are setup, you will have full access to all of the testing and reporting functions for the sub-account. You can create additional administrators inside of the sub-account to off-load the testing process to the client.

Test Purchasing

The simplest option for test purchasing is for you to purchase tests directly from us for your client. The tests will then be distributed to your account. You can then transfer these tests into your client sub-accounts. Refer to the tutorial on transferring tests between accounts.