Q: There was a “fatal error” message while testing, what do I do?

A: First, stay calm. The examinee’s test results are saved on our database and no information was lost. We have taken great effort to ensure that responses are not lost. The examinee can resume testing by clicking the Start Testing button. The test should load on the examinee’s last answered question.  If this problem persists, close the browser and try again.

Q: There was a “fatal error” message while testing, what does this mean?

A: A fatal error during testing means an unrecoverable error occurred and the test needed to be shut down to fix the problem.  Most often, the “fatal error” is the result of a poor internet connection. The test engine attempts to contact our servers several times, if it is unable to reach our servers it will generate the error to prevent the examinee from continuing the test and losing responses.  We attempt to log all interupted test sessions to monitor for problems in the testing engine.