“Take a Test” is a new testing feature added to the Online Testing System in May of 2018.

Note: The test taker must be running the latest version of Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, or Educational editions. Windows 10 Home Edition is NOT compatible with the Take A Test feature. Please see the system requirements page for more information. Microsoft also has technical information regarding this feature on their help system.

How to use this feature:

  • Click the slider labeled “Take a Test secure testing mode disabled.” next to any test launch area or on the test taker login page.

    Take a Test Slider
    Note: If this slider does not appear on the web page, your system is not compatible with Take a Test.
  • When the slider is enabled, a test will show this popup:

  • After 3 seconds, a system dialog will open asking if you would like to open this link.
    Firefox: Chrome:
    Dialog 2 Dialog 3

    Click “open link”.
    Note: If you instead see a message saying “Look for an app in the Microsoft Store…”, your system is not compatible with Take a Test.

  • Next, a screen will appear with this prompt:
    Take a Test Prompt
    Click yes.

  • Now, the computer will be locked down and a test taking environment will launch. The test can be taken normally from here.
    Upon completion, the test will NOT automatically close until the user clicks “Exit & Logout.” Otherwise, the test may be exited at any time using Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Why should I use this instead of the regular in-browser testing mode?
This adds an extra layer of security to the test. Unfortunately, there are limitations to the security on an in-browser test that provide inevitable possibilities for cheating. Using Take a Test, your test takers will have absolutely no access to any other tools on the computer (except accessibility options, like on-screen keyboard).