Categories: Testing Basics

Q: What does a status type of Pending, In Progress, or Complete mean?

  • A test status of Pending means that the test has not yet been started by the examinee.  You still have the opportunity to unassign these tests (refer to the instructions on unassigning tests).
  • A test status of In Progress means that the examinee has started taking the test but has not yet completed the test.  Tests In Progress cannot be unassigned since they have already been started. Tests In Progress can be force completed (refer to the instructions on unassigning tests, but the action will say “Force Complete” instead).
  • A test status of Complete means that the examinee has completed the test.  The test status changes to Complete when the examinee clicks the End Test button of the test (or the final test in a battery of test such as Combined Basic Skills).  The test status can also be changed to Complete by an administrator or proctor by forcing the test complete.  Once a test is Complete its results can be viewed by administrators.

Q: What does the Start Testing link do?

A: The Start Testing button is a quick way for administrators to begin proctoring an exam.  This link will log you out of the system and log on as the examinee.  You can then sit the examinee down at that computer and they can begin testing.

Q: What tests are available in the test inspection page?

A: Each test that you purchase will appear in the test inspection page.  If you do not see a test but think that you should, please call our office at 412-257-0732 and we will assist you.