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Maintest - Form A (Online)

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153 items, Multiple-choice


Mechanical and electrical maintenance knowledge

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Ramsay Corporation's Maintest is a 2½ hour test that measures the practical mechanical and electrical knowledge of maintenance employees.

  • Tests managers and hourly workers
  • Measures 21 mechanical and electrical areas (153 items)
  • Provides percentile scores
  • Materials and instructions for test administration
  • Tests scored by Ramsay Corporation
  • Group data on developmental needs of your maintenance force
  • Allows comparison with local and national samples of over 10,000 maintenance workers

Online Credits

When you purchase this product, you purchase online test administration credits. These test credits, once purchased, are placed in your online account and do not expire. Each credit can then be assigned to a test-taker for administration of this test via an internet-connected computer.

  • System requirements for our Online Testing System are available on our help system.
  • A Getting Started Guide is also available for new users of our Online Testing System.

All tests administered on the Online Testing System are required to be proctored by a representative or third-party agent of the company.

Sample Question

What is the proper fastener to use to join two wires?

A. A wire nut
B. Cellophane tape
C. A spring clip
D. Staples

Categories tested include:

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Power Transmission
Pumps & Piping
Mechanical Maintenance
Shop Machines & Tools & Equipment
Digital Electronics
Schematics and Print Reading
Control Circuits
Power Supplies
Basic AC/DC Theory
Power Distribution
Test Instruments
Computers & PLCs
Electrical Maintenance
Maintest Form A is intended for use with applicants and incumbents for jobs where practical mechanical and electrical knowledge and skill are necessary parts of maintenance job activities. Job analysis activities conducted during development of this test revealed that applicable titles are Maintenance Mechanic (any industry) and Electrician, Maintenance (any industry) as defined in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (U.S. Department of Labor, 1991). The corresponding O*Net Online (U.S. Department of Labor, 2006) title is Industrial Machinery Mechanic.

Sample Size Mean Score Reliability (KR20) Std. Deviation Std. Error of Measurement
18295 82.49 .92 19.36 5.48
Total test score on RCJS Maintest has correlated significantly with job performance ratings in Technical Knowledge, Supervisory Skills, Problem Solving , and with Total Performance criteria for a group of 201 maintenance employees at a uniform rental company.

Below are the O*NET job titles that were determined to be applicable to this test during the job analysis. Click the Job Title for more information about tasks performed, tools and technology used, job knowledge areas and abilities required, as well as related job titles.
This assessment is intended for use with jobs that are sufficiently related.
[Industrial Machinery Mechanics]

Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems.
Sample reports are not yet available for this particular product.
Reports available in our system can be found in our Technology Solutions Brochure.

Alternate Versions

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Maintest - Form A Paper Test English RR29-A
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