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Combined Basic Skills - Form A4

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Reading, Arithmetic, Inspection and Measurement, and Process Monitoring and Problem Solving Skills

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Ramsay Corporation's short measure of basic manufacturing and processing skills. This assessment was developed to enable a quick evaluation of literacy and performance skills required in manufacturing and processing.

Alternate forms available.

Sample Question

When pushing a car you should put it into

A. drive.
B. overdrive.
C. neutral.
D. reverse.

This product is a battery of tests. the tests in this battery are:

Test Name Number of Items Time Allotted in Minutes
Reading 16 16
Arithmetic 10 14
Inspection & Measurement 8 10
Process Monitoring & Problem Solving 14 12
Sample reports are not yet available for this particular product.
Reports available in our system can be found in our Technology Solutions Brochure.

Examinee Scoring System Compatible

This product is part of the Examinee Scoring System which simplifies scoring and administration of tests.

Alternate Versions

Version Format Language SKU
Combined Basic Skills - Form A4 (Online) Online Test English OL200-A
Combined Basic Skills (Alternate Equivalent) - Form B4 Paper Test English RR200-B

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