Mechanical Tests

Comprehensive, mechanical technical tests to gauge the knowledge and skills required for various jobs

What level job you are testing for?

To assess a person’s ability to learn mechanical concepts, consider:

Mechanical Aptitude

To assess basic skills, such as reading comprehension, arithmetic skills, basic mechanical knowledge, etc., consider:

Mechanical Learner Series

Combined Basic Skills



Reading, Arithmetic, Inspection and Measurement, and Process Monitoring and Problem Solving Skills

Skill Level:



52 items, Multiple-choice

Consider this test for basic mechanical job knowledge skills:

Mechanical Entry

Consider this test for mechanical job knowledge above entry-level:

Mechanical Maintenance Trainee

To assess general journey-level mechanical job knowledge, consider:




Knowledge of mechanical maintenance

Skill Level:



60 items, Multiple-choice

To assess general journey-level mechanical job knowledge at a more in-depth level, consider:

Mechanical Technician Form BTM-1R

To assess general journey-level mechanical troubleshooting skills, consider:

Mechanical Troubleshooting

TTo assess journey-level machine installation/repair (millwright) job knowledge,consider:


To evaluate your current workforce/diagnose training needs, consider:

Mechanical Diagnostic

Consider these tests for mechanical job knowledge above journey-level:

Mechanical Technician C (above journey-level)

Mechanical Technician B (higher above journey-level)

Mechanical Technician A (highest above journey-level)

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